To make these Tuscan fries, get a few big potatoes (I used, and strongly recommend, Yukon Gold). Heat at least one inch of peanut or vegetable oil (enough to completely cover the potatoes) to 360ºF (a deep-fry thermometer is indispensable here. I know that because I just got mine yesterday, and all of my frying experiments up to now have been utter failures). Add the potatoes all at once, and watch the temperature drop by about 100º. Stir those bad boys. After a few minutes, add a few garlic cloves and a couple sprigs of rosemary, and keep stirring. A few minutes later, add a bunch of thymeoregano, and sage, stirring all the while. Add one or two tablespoons of sea salt. After 9 or 10 minutes, when the fries are good and golden, take one out and taste it. If the outside is crisp and the inside creamy, they are done. Grind in a bunch of black pepper and remove the fries and herbs with your skimmer or a slotted spoon. Place them on paper towels or in a slow oven if you plan to make more. I added extra Maldon and pepper once I took them out.

A few turns of the parmesan cheese grinder wouldn’t be amiss here either, come to think of it.